Thrash Hits

November 4th, 2011

Album: Whitemare – Snider

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BlackDream Records
11 November 2011

by Alex Andrews

When exactly did hardcore develop swagger? It wasn’t too long ago that the genre was crawling with mild-mannered vegans too scared to drink beer, but much like The Bronx, Brighton’s Whitemare are a band who clearly know their way around a guitar lick and presumably a bottle of Jack Daniel’s as well. They’re a far more ferocious beast than their Californian counterparts, though; all snapping, snarling and buoyed up on bravado.

Whitemare Snider album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Cramming eleven tracks into a mere 17 minutes, Snider is a rollicking white-knuckle ride from start to finish. It’s energy is relentless; rarely dropping below breakneck speeds and driven by an almost metallic bottom-end crunch. Vocalist Matt Johnson (ex-Architects) maintains a manic intensity throughout; his harsh scream kicking its way through a feast of southern-fried riffs.

With song titles such as ‘I Don’t Have A Drinking Problem’ and ‘Dirty Action’, Snider is a decent debut album (if you can call it that) that’s as dumb as it is fun. But the operative word here is dumb. It’s an album that requires any cerebral activity to be minimised to little more than a flicker to get the most out of it. Fans of fast music will certainly find a thrill amidst these short blasts, but as soon as you begin to notice the clichés, both musical and lyrical (“The only thing I know is playing fucking rock n’ roll”), which come stacked up high, or even remember the fact that this very style of punk rock n’ roll has been done to death in recent years, the band’s novelty unfortunately begins to fade-out fast.


Sounds Like: The Bronx, Gallows, The Suicide File
Top Tracks: Buzzkill, Son Of A Bitch, Pissed



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