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November 1st, 2011

Architects bring their heavy side back with ‘Devil’s Island’

Architects promo photo 2011 Thrash Hits

Last night, the youthful British fivesome known as Architects released a new track, ‘Devil’s Island’. And it’s caused something of a stir.

While Architects have made no secret that they recently returned to the studio to work on at least two new songs, they pretty much made no comment as to what these songs would sound like. A lot of people (us included) assumed that they would probably be more in the vein of the band’s latest album, The Here And Now, the album that famously caused a not-insignificant amount of butthurt among the grizzlier end of the tech-metal-aficionado spectrum. A lot of people (us included) were surprised when ‘Devil’s Island’ arrived and sounded a hell of a lot closer to the band’s much-lauded Hollow Crown-era.

‘Devil’s Island’ by Architects

Now while ‘Devil’s Island’ is definitely a step closer to their older, tech-y roots, by no means is it a complete about-face by Architects. Internet revisionism seems to have forgotten that the much-maligned (by those aforementioned grizzly tech-metal-aficionados) melodic parts of The Here And Now were present on Hollow Crown, albeit in a more subdued capacity. The more-melodic aspects of Architects are still very much on show in ‘Devil’s Island’, but the increased harsh vocals and use of ‘Early Grave’-ish guitar tones seems to have whipped certain folks into a bit of a mad frenzy.

Similarly, we think it’s far too early to be making any snap judgements or speculative predictions on what this means for Architects future. As far as we know, ‘Devil’s Island’ is just one of a handful of new songs recorded by the band. We’ve got no clue as to what even they sound like, let alone the next Architects album down the line. True, successful as it was, we don’t think The Here And Now had quite the crossover success that either Architects or Century Media were expecting/hoping it would have. This doesn’t mean, however, that this has prompted the band to abandon the direction they forged with The Here And Now, or plunged them into a full retreat to their older, heavier material. We’re all going to have to wait for the other new Architects songs to emerge before we can make any judgements on what direction Architects are heading in – and to know for sure which segment of Architects fanbase is going to be the source of the whining butthurt this time around.

Architects Devil's Island cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

We’re not sure if we’re big fans of the over-earnest moralising regarding the 2011 UK riots going on in the lyrics, but hey, it’s a flaw we’re willing to overlook right now if it means we get that Hollow Crown guitar tone back.