Thrash Hits

November 17th, 2011

Download Festival 2012: Prodigy confirmed as third headliner

Well, that’s that. The headliners for Download Festival 2012 have been well and truly sewn up. With Prodigy confirmed as the third after Metallica playing the Black Album on Saturday and a reformed Black Sabbath closing the festival announced over the last fortnight.

Watch this video and imagine what your hangover’s going to be like on Saturday morning. Or just bitch and moan about how Prodigy aren’t a trve metal band.

The last time The Prodigy played Download Festival was in 2009, when they headlined the second stage. Obviously The Prodigy have been a big-effing-deal since way before even then, but it’s interesting that 2012 is the year that Download Festival has finally granted them the Main Stage headliner status they’ve had elsewhere for so long.

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