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November 22nd, 2011

Dream of a Nickelback-free life? The Nickelblock browser plugin might be for you then

nickelback nickelblock browser plugin thrash htis 2011

Nickelback released a new album, Here And Now yesterday and they’ve been all over the internet as a result. The kind people at AUX Labs have created a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome that will remove every mention of the Canadian “superstars” from your internet. FOREVER. Salute them.

Ironically, this creates a huge paradox because if you already have it installed, you won’t be able to read this article and the only reason we’ve written this is so that you won’t be able to read this in the future. Can you still read this? Do you even want to? ARGH!

Download the plugin for Chrome
Download the plugin for Firefox

This got us thinking, though. What other bands would you happily erase from your internet browsing future?

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In all fairness to Nickelback, however, they are aware of just how much a lot of the world hates them and have retained a sense of humour about it. After 35,000 fair people of Detroit signed an online petition to stop the band performing at halftime during the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving NFL match, Nickelback made a video.



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