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November 21st, 2011

EP: Cult Cinema – Iscariot

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Cult Cinema
Siege Of Amida Records
22 August 2011

by Danny Montana

Opening track, ‘Akeldama’ doesn’t really hang around to do anything but leave a hefty impression. But what an impression. While the eerie opening builds and builds for the first 45 seconds, Cult Cinema pack in a whole load of discordant, furious anger into the remaining 45. It’s clear from that spacious opening that they’ve been taking their cues from the likes of Cult Of Luna and it’s no surprise to see that CoL man, Magnus Lindberg mixed and mastered this EP.

There is probably something of a Sweden fetish going on with these horror fans because there’s a hell of a lot of Breach going on in this 19 minute EP. The breakneck punk speed of ‘Tormentor’ is crying out for a circle pit and the breakdown is destined to be the cause of a gigantic mosh at some point. It has to. It’s that good.

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Former Casino Brawl man, Ivan Ferreira stamps his relentless mark on proceedings with his searing vocals which are somewhere between a Norwegian black metaller and a really angry man lost in Scandinavia. It’s the contrast between his vocals and the gentle moments that occur, like at the beginning of the eight-minute closing track, ‘The Betrayer/Tomb of the Brave’ where his vocals almost interrupt the calm before working perfectly in sync with the strong rhythms.

Cult Cinema have arrived with little fanfare but if Iscariot is anything to go by, their thoughtful, exciting sound may have afforded them the chance to carve out their own little niche in hardcore.


Sounds like: Cult Of Luna, Breach, Bastions, angry
Top tracks: Akeldama, The Beloved Disciple



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