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November 8th, 2011

EP: Girlfight – Defamate

Girlfight promo photo Thrash Hits

25 October 2011
Emerald Moon Records

by Andy Parker

Very much in the vein of Cancer Bats or Trash Talk, Pittsburgh’s Girlfight are sharp, punchy and over in a mere matter of minutes. In just four tracks spread over just eight short minutes, the quartet blend chameleon-like grooves in with some excellent loud/quiet concepts, without sacrificing the “loud” part of that equation.

Girlfight Defamate EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

If that concept sounds hard to grasp, imagine it like this: with your first listen of opener ‘Asthmatic’, your throat will close up, your chest will become heavy, and your fingers will fumble your jean pocket for the inhaler. Girlfight’s guitarist, Jordan Bellotti, has conjoured sounds from his guitar that are reminiscent of Ryan Frederiksen (of These Arms Are Snakes and Narrows fame) teaming up with Kurt Ballou (of Converge…and guest spots and production credits on a hell of a lot more). He builds this upon the thunderous backline that underpins the entire EP, ably provided by the bass and drums combo of Richie Lattanzi and Brandon Volkman.

Frontman Dave Watt attacks with the intensity of the crazed dog whose image graces the EP’s cover art – you can practically feel the red eyes on you and feel that foaming mouth around your throat as his rapid commands directs you through the anatomy of closing track, ‘Trash Star’. Given that Defamate is available now, and for a mere $2 through Girlfight’s Bandcamp page, you’ve got no real excuse not to stump up some cash right now and get some Girlfight in your ears.


Sounds Like: Trash Talk, Cancer Bats,  Trap Them, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost

Girlfight – Defamate tracklisting:
Swollen Lamb
Smear Campaign
Trash Star



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