Thrash Hits

November 16th, 2011

Live: Motörhead @ London Hammersmith Apollo – 12 November 2011

After Motörhead cancelled their gig in Bristol on Tuesday due to Lemmy hurting his left hand we were a bit worried about Saturday’s gig in London but they said they’d be ok to play Norwich on Friday. They cancelled Norwich so we just waited. After what seemed like hours, Motörhead confirmed the show would go on. We were already there.

Six things we learned when Motörhead played London:

1) Motörhead play on Saturday night. They always play on Saturday night. You won’t go see Motörhead on a Wednesday or a Thursday or even on a Friday. This means you’re not going to be tired after work and you’ll be much more likely to drink everything. This is the attention to detail that Motörhead have that other bands do not. Motörhead care about you.

2) As Lemmy rightfully points out, this is Hammersmith Odeon and always will be. He’s played here a good few times by now and even though the ticket says HMV Apollo, we know he’s right. Lemmy’s always right, even when he’s reluctant to let go of the past. Hammersmith Odeon does sound better, though. Doesn’t it. More importantly, Motörhead are more popular than they’ve been for a while. Hammersmith Apollo is sold out tonight and everyone here knows they’re lucky that this gig is going ahead tonight.

3) It doesn’t matter how good or bad Motörhead are tonight. The important things are that Lemmy’s onstage and we’re watching him with one drink in our hand and loads more in our belly. There’s no party like a Motörhead gig.

4) Motörhead are still the loudest band around. This isn’t the kind of crowd to wear earplugs. It’s a vicious circle really because watching Motörhead makes you deaf and so wearing earpugs after that is pointless but then every time you see Motörhead, they make it a bit louder so you go a bit more deaf. Do what Lemmy does and drink through it. He’s a grand role model!

5) Motörhead are one of the bands it’s almost expected that you’ll wear a Motörhead t-shirt to. Iron Maiden are the only other band it’s expected for. There are others where it’s acceptable, of course, but at Maiden and Motörhead shows, it’s the righteous norm.

6) Motörhead are still plugging The World Is Yours and they play a couple of songs off it tonight but the how many bands have the kind of back catalogue where they can come on after 16 great songs including ‘Bomber’, ‘Killed By Death’ and Iron Fist’ and still play an encore of ‘Whorehouse Blues’ (acoustic), ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘Overkill’? One. ONE BAND. This is Motörhead.

They are Motörhead and they play rock and roll.



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