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November 30th, 2011

Live & Photos: Devin Townsend plays ‘Addicted’ @ London ULU – 11 November 2011

Devin Townsend plays Addicted Thrash Hits

It’s night no.2 of Ruth Booth’s mammoth review of Devin Townsend’s four-night London residency, and tonight the Canadian has brought Anneke van Giersbergen along to help him out. Not only that, but it’s the night where damn near ever song has an exclamation! mark! after! it! Yep, you guessed it – the album getting aired tonight is Addicted.

Six things we found out when we saw Devin Townsend perform Addicted in full:

1) With all the first-night tension out of the way, the second night of An Evening with the Devin Townsend Project is a celebration – 2010 album, Addicted, is the most exuberant, poppy record of the lot.

2) Suitably, not only is it bloody loud tonight, the set kicks off with some 4chan-tickling memes on the big screen. There’s a gallery of Townsend photoshopping, including DevLulu and the most disturbing Home Alone cover ever, followed by puppet creation Ziltoid riffing on Weebl’s ‘Badger’ and the ‘My Sweetest Love’ vids. Plus the Vengaboys.

3) Addicted night also brings the effervescent Anneke van Giersbergen (former vocalist with The Gathering and Agua de Annique) into the fold. The chemistry between the two vocalists is as incredibly vibrant live as on record. While Townsend’s suit may smell “like a thousand balls”, van Giersbergen arrives fresh from supporting Within Temptation on the other side of town earlier the same evening.

Devin Townsend performs 'Addicted' @ London ULU - 11 November 2011 c/o Ruth Booth

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4) Yet the pair feed off each other’s energy all night – no less so than on ‘Hyperdrive’, where van Giersbergen’s ethereal yet versatile vocals slip easily across the close of Townsend’s riffs. Rumours the two have plans for further collaboration couldn’t be more welcome.

5) Tonight’s special treats come in the form of ‘Kingdom’, a triumphant ‘Life’ and rare live song ‘Pixellate’, with van Giersbergen improvising over.

6) “We couldn’t do this without you, declares Townsend, as the crowd tries to better the sound. “Well, we could, but it would be endless soundchecks.Quite.

Devin Townsend performs Addicted @ London ULU setlist:
Universe in a Ball!
Bend It Like Bender!
The Way Home!


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