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November 8th, 2011

Live: Saviours @ London Camden Unicorn – 03 November 2011

Saviours promo photo 2009 credit: Taija Lynn Thrash Hits

We like Saviours a lot. Look how excited we got when we discovered they were touring the UK. Exactly. The bonus for us this time was that it wasn’t going to be in a standard metal venue – it was in The Unicorn. It’s the best. We went and got “Saviours Drunk”. (It’s a thing we do when we watch Saviours.)

Six things we learned when we went to see Saviours play at the Unicorn:

1) If you live in London and haven’t seen Astrohenge yet, there really must be something wrong with you. We had them play our second ever Thrash Hits Presents show back in April – that’s how much we love them. Once again the ‘Henge provide a rollercoaster of twists and turns, the kind of deranged soundtrack you’d expect from a Mike Patton stoner project.

2) The Unicorn is certainly a gem in the crown of London’s live music circuit – live bands every night, free entry and cheap beer. For a humble pub on the outskirts of Camden you’d be surprised at some of the headliners they get in here, quite often main support level bands you would catch at The Underworld. Check out the listings.

3) It doesn’t matter where they play, Saviours are the kind of band that will always sound massive. It’s fast, heavy and fuck-off loud – what more do you need? Tonight they play with the tightness and intensity of a young Slayer, and a lot of this crowd look like they’ll be nursing a fierce bangover come tomorrow morning.

4) Showcasing tracks off new record Death’s Procession, the quartet seamlessly manage to blend elements of stoner, thrash and biker metal in a very original way. It’s like hearing Motörhead, High On Fire and Iron Maiden having an all-star jam. Sounds weird, but it totally works.

5) Bass player, Carson Binks could be the closest look-a-like we’ve ever seen to Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap fame. Chest hair – check. Mullet – check. Handle bar moustache – check. Studded leather arm guard – check. It’s a strong look. We were all hoping for a ‘Lick My Love Pump’ encore, which sadly never came.

6) If Lemmy and Robb Flynn had a baby together, that baby would look like Saviours frontman Austin Barber. He’s got the sweatiness of Lemmy after a couple of speedballs but the sheer venom of Robb Flynn in a room full of tall people. Once again, strong look.



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