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November 7th, 2011

Old man Danzig cries his way to disaster at Fun Fun Fun Fest… and Slayer show no mercy

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Oh Danzig. As much as we love you, we also know that you’re a massive berk. This past weekend, Danzig was due to perform at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, and had promised a set full of Misfits classics. Instead, it was an unmitigated disaster, with the band going on over an hour late, and nearly causing a riot among punters thanks to Danzig repeatedly informing them that all the problems were the fault of the festival’s promoters. Well, as The PRP has reported this morning, the promoters have a very different view of what went down – specifically the ever-more-ridiculous series of rock star tantrums thrown by Danzig himself.

“So far, so what?”, right? Well, we’d just chalk this up as another one of Glenn’s childish little incidents, if it weren’t for the involvement of Slayer in proceedings.

Having witnessed one of the shoddiest, most disappointing live sets we’ve ever seen from Danzig at Download Festival 2011, we totally believe that every word of the Fun Fun Fun Fest’s promoters’ statement is true. From the moment we read what Danzig’s first demand is, we know that Danzig is going to come out of this debacle looking like an idiot:

-glenn flies in this morning and says he has a cold and doesn’t want feel like playing the show. he demands french onion soup and vitamins brought to his hotel suite. he wants to soup now and wants it hot. we get it.

Onion soup? Evil Elvis wants onion soup. Erm….okay. But things get worse:

…we get the Dr and he says he can do a b12 shot or anything he needs if he feels bad…danzig says he only treats illnesses naturally, so won’t do that. we finally get him to agree to play and have already informed his crew that it’s only 60 mins (9pm at this point) and they start cutting some songs from the set list, so they can still do misfits, but obviously didn’t cut enough.

Danzig’s distrust of modern medicine is well known after his bizarre and quite-frankly outrageously ill-informed opinions on cancer treatment that he espoused during an interview with Vice Magazine. We’re now certain that the Fun Fun Fun Fest promoters’ statement is legit. But what the hell does any of this have to do with Slayer?

Well, it turns out one of the things the promoters claim was causing Danzig to throw all his toys out of his pram was that Slayer happened to be playing on a bigger stage than him at the festival – here’s how they phrased it:

-in the meantime, glenn’s bodyguard gets pushy (literally) with murder city devils manager and tells them they can’t have their friends watch MCD from stage and wants them to cut their set. kicks them off stage and gets physical with the band and stafff….oh, also danzig says he’s just as big as slayer and slayer is playing a bigger stage on sunday and that’s bullshit and wants to play the same stage slayer is playing…or won’t play. makes him look bad.

C’mon Glenn. Even with our blinkered love for all things Danzig, we can’t help but scoff at your assertion that you’re as big of a deal as Slayer. This is prima-donna nonsense of the first degree. It turns out we weren’t the only ones to think so….as someone over in Slayer’s camp posted the following on the wall of their official Facebook page:

Slayer's Soup For Danzig LOL Thrash Hits

And what comment did Slayer make to alongside this image?

We’re not sure we could love Slayer anymore at this moment if we tried.