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November 27th, 2011

Sunday Slaylist(s): Decibel Magazine’s Albums of 2011

Decibel Albums of 2011 Slaylists

Uh-oh. It’s started. It’s not even December yet and yet the great Season Of Lists is upon us. As 2011 slowly creeps to a close, every man, woman, magazine, website, and radio station is publishing their Albums Of The Year List. Of all the major players, Decibel Magazine – America’s only monthly metal magazine, and arguably one of the best music magazines anywherein the world – broke ranks first, and their Top 40 records of the year has now leaked out onto the ‘net. What better source material for a Sunday Slaylist?

Of course, Spotify has come to blows with a number of prominent record labels – in particular, Metal Blade, Century Media, and Prosthetic Records – so only about half of Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of 2011 are available via the service. Lucky for ou, we’ve gone and made a YouTube playlist of all the albums that weren’t available for our Spotify Slaylist. Yep, that’s right – we’re effectively giving you TWO Slaylists this weekend. You lucky, lucky people.

Listen to our Sunday Slaylist: Decibel Magazine’s Albums of 2011

Spotify is available to most of Western Europe and the USA for free – though obviously you’re better off shelling out either £5 or £10 a month for one of Spotify’s premium packages, as then you can listen to our Slaylists without having them interrupted by adverts. For our readers in countries not currently serviced by Spotify….sorry.

Watch the YouTube section of our Decibel Magazine’s Albums of 2011 Slaylist:

We’re going to start posting about Thrash Hits’ Top Albums of 2011 in a little over a week’s time, but what do you make of Decibel Magazine’s choices? What are going to be your albums of 2011? Drop us a comment down below.