Thrash Hits

December 21st, 2011

Black Spiders sent us a Christmas card. HOORAY!

Black Spiders Christmas Card 2011 front THrash Hits

What’s the best way of getting our attention? Send us something in the post. A Christmas card will do nicely! THANKS, BLACK SPIDERS!! Everyone loves getting proper mail. E-cards just don’t cut it.

Black Spiders Christmas Card 2011 messageTHrash Hits

We might slightly disagree with them spelling “Michaelmas” as “Micklemass” but whatever. It’s the thought that counts and the fact they know that Michaelmas is a thing at all deserves extra props.

Black Spiders were the protagonists of one of our favourite interviews of 2011. It was at Sonisphere Festival when Amit was interviewing Irwin and Ozzy and I walked in front of the camera. And then made it worse by joining it. Sorry guys.

Here’s a funny storyboard of sorts.

Raz black Spiders interview sonisphere 2011

Sorry again.



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