Thrash Hits

December 20th, 2011

Live: Title Fight @ London Camden Underworld – 15 December 2011

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We saw Title Fight at Hevy Festival earlier this year and enjoyed it very much so when they made it back to London, we thought we’d make our way down there again and take a looksie. It was good.

Six things we learnt when we saw Title Fight in Camden:

1) Title Fight have sold out the Underworld tonight, an impressive achievement and a real sign that their recent album Shed has resonated in the UK. They were one of the bands of the weekend this summer at Hevy Festival and the expectation of similar brilliance is high tonight.

2) Before all that though Balance and Composure knock out a set of expansive punk rock which ebbs, flows and is infused with the undying spirit of The Get Up Kids circa Something to Write Home About. Three guitarists seems a little over the top but they work a neat line in atmospheric rock songs that trade in broad brush strokes of sound and spine-tingling vocal pay offs – lovely stuff.

3) Title Fight don’t fuck about – ambling on stage looking like four guys who might serve you a mocha in Starbucks they blast into an opening salvo of ‘Coxton Yard’ and the title track from that stunning 2011 LP which threatens to take the roof off the place.

4) Whilst the music is intensely powerful, Title Fight’s between song chit-chat is best described as “minimal”. No-one is expected the Mark, Tom and Travis show from the Pennsylvania quartet but they engage so little that they risk coming across as a little cold (something which is totally at odds with the gut-wrenchingly emotional clamour they produce when they hit their stride).

5) Despite a mid-set lull which features more sedate slow-burners like ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ the energy in the room rarely drops below fever pitch – there is a grass roots excitement about Title Fight in the UK which is quite something to behold and whilst appearing occasionally self- indulgent the band don’t forget to thank the crowd in a refreshingly earnest manner before finishing in spectacular style

6) There are few groups out there who write songs of such sneakily catchy quality as Title Fight do and this is no more apparent than on set closers ‘Symmetry’ and ’27’ the plaintiff refrain of the latter producing the loudest sing along of the night by a distance. They may be a little short on showmanship but Title Fight have more than got it where it counts – brilliant tunes performed with utter conviction and integrity.



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