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December 23rd, 2011

Season’s Bleedings 2011: Black Spiders – Pete Spiby on who to call when terrorists try to ruin Christmas

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It’s been a good year for Black Spiders. They released their debut album Sons Of The North, played a lot of festivals, toured in China and just came back from supporting Monster Magnet in Europe in time to send us a Christmas card. Busy boys. We caught up with frontman Pete Spiby to see how festive he’s feeling.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
‘Mistletoe’ by Jesus Lizard.

‘You use mistletoe, you use mistletoe, I call poison control.
You try to kill me, you try to kill me, I call poison control. You break my arm, you break my arm
You smother my breath, you cut my breast, I call an ambulance. You take me down, I call out your name.’

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Die Hard with Bruce Willis. Someone had to spoil the Christmas party by gate-crashing, typical of terrorists not to acknowledge a holiday time, so someone has to show them some manners.

What is the most metal Christmas present you’ve either given or received?
I’ve given and received the Heavy Metal Colouring Book, which is certainly in my top 10 presents EVER!!

What is your best memory of 2011?
Black Spiders live at Speedfest6 in Eindhoven, one of the best gigs EVER by any band. FACT!

What is your favourite album of 2011?
Released: TurboWolf
Listened to: Mariachi El Bronx II

Black Spiders Christmas Card 2011 front THrash HitsMERRY CHRISTMAS

What will your New Year Resolution be?
Not to suffer fools…

If all those mad prophecies about 2012 being the end of the world comes true, how do you want the apocalypse to manifest itself?
In a plain and simple way, for all to understand… A supreme being with a massive scythe, just culling all humans, muttering, “What an absolute waste of f**king time…”

What role would you take in a nativity play?
I’d like to play one of the three wise men/Kings, bringing gold, frankincense and ting…. Kick King Herod in the nuts and get the innkeeper to line up the ales….

2011 has been a year of revolution and upheaval – what do you think will happen in 2012?
Probably more of the same, as there are a lot of repressed countries, that have issues with their leaders. If the recession hits any harder then there could be some revolutions happening in The West too.

Who is the ugliest person you’ve kissed under the mistletoe?
I don’t do ugly.

What do you think of Lulu?
What a random question. I think she’s got hotter with age and obviously she’s got an awesome voice, both spoken and sung. She had Hendrix on her TV show, sang a Bond movie theme and recorded a great version of David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ I’m not really sure what you’re getting at with this question though…. If you’re referring to the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration, it’s quite shit…..


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