Thrash Hits

December 22nd, 2011

Season’s Bleedings 2011: Lo! – Jamie-Leigh Smith on Hobbits, merkins, and his slippery, naked Grandfather

Lo! band promo photo Thrash Hits

When they’re not posing for OTT fire-brething promo shots, or coming up with the least Google-friendly band name imaginable, Lo! make angry, sophisticated noise that they describe as falling somewhere between Converge and Mastodon. Crikey. With that in mind, we threw our Christmas interrogation at their frontman, Jamie-Leigh Smith, and then ducked for cover.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
‘Carol Of The Bells’ by M. Leontovich, there’s something about it that really creeps me out….I think it was playing when I lost my virginity.

What is your favourite Christmas movie? Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.
What is the most metal Christmas present you’ve either given or received? Years ago, my brother bought me a bunch of swords and battle axes with dragons on them for Christmas. They came with wooden mounting plaques that looked like shields. I couldn’t bring myself to put them up on my wall…and I don’t think I actually gave him anything that year!

What is your best memory of 2011?
Supporting the amazing Doomriders in our hometown. That’s definitely up there on my list of awesomeness.

Watch the video to ‘Fire at the Child Actor’s Guild’ by Lo!:

What is your favourite album of 2011?
Tom Waits – Bad As Me.

What will your New Year Resolution be?
I’m leaning towards “Always wipe front to back”.

If all those mad prophecies about 2012 being the end of the world comes true, how do you want the apocalypse to manifest itself?
I’m rooting for a zombie outbreak of some kind. Perhaps it will be spawned by some furious chimp slinging a fist full of it’s own feces. That’s what happened in 28 Days Later, right?

What role would you take in a nativity play?
I actually played Joseph when in my kindergarten play! I botched it massively by dramatically ripping my fake beard off. I remember hearing the audience make that collective gasp sound, as I argued with one of my teachers about how itchy it was making my face…and they still made me rock that haggard merkin on my snout for over an hour. Now that I think about it, there’s something really odd about a three year-old wearing a fake beard preparing to be a surrogate father. Weird.

2011 has been a year of revolution and upheaval – what do you think will happen in 2012?
I believe we will begin to uncover the true origins of mankind and learn that we are descendants from other life forms in the universe. People will start to question what they believe and we will begin to reach a new level of consciousness. And Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is going to be off the hook!

Frodo Meme Thrash Hits

Who is the ugliest person you’ve kissed under the mistletoe?
It’s $50 extra for kissing.

What do you think of Lulu?
Umm… I had a strange feeling of déjà vu when I listened to it, like I had heard it before you know? And then It hit me! I once heard my grandfather slip when he was in the shower, he was all lathered up with soap, so he basically darted around the bathroom floor like a runaway dodgem car while he was murmuring for help. I could hear his excess skin slapping against the tiles as he flapped around like a fish out of water franticly gasping for a last breath.