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December 7th, 2011

There’s a new Dripback video for ‘Kick Out Time’

Dripback band promo photo 2011 adam sagir thrash hits

Well, we were just sent the new Dripback video. ‘Kick Out Time’ is two minutes and forty-one seconds of five angry men in a dirty room interspersed with stolen news footage of those ruddy riots. You know Dripback stole the footage though. You know they did. We asked bassist, Adam Da Rat what it was all about…

Whose garage was this filmed in?
“Actually, it was filmed at a squat in South London hence the Sons Of Anarchy style backdrop. Everyone should go to more squat gigs.”

How do the images of rioting and looting connect to the song?
“Originally the song was basically about beating the crap out of moronic chavlars who go around beating people up for fun or cos there’s more of them than there are of the victim. Seeing as those are just the kind of people who helped themselves to fashionable trainers and fancy electrical goods back in August, we felt it would be appropriate to let the looting scum know that should anyone in Dripback witness that kind of behaviour first hand, they too should expect a hiding.”

What did that burp smell like?
“It smelt like Stella Artois with a hint of cheese and onion pasty.”

Dripback are on tour with the mighty Lock Up in December. That’s a Christmas present if we ever saw one…
21 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
22 London Underworld
23 Colchester Arts Center



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