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December 16th, 2011

What was the Best Festival of 2011?

2011 end of year best FESTIVAL thrash hits

We go to festivals. We go to festivals and sometimes we see bands, other times we just sit in the ruddy media centre talking to bands on camera and posting videos and photos on the internet. It sounds more glamorous than it is. Luckily you always end up with a load of stuff that we’ve done from as many of the festivals we can physically go to. We go to a lot of them though. This means that we like some more than others. Let’s talk about that…

Raziq RaufHevy

“I’ve been to double figures worth of festivals in 2011. They’ve been in fields, on concrete, in venues from England to the Faroe Islands – all kinds of festival. The festival that I loved the most this year was Hevy Festival.”

“It was my favourite kind of festival – the one where you don’t have to walk very far to get anywhere. In fact, there was one place right in the centre of the arena where you could feasibly watch bands on every stage by simply turning your head. Never mind about the sound bleeding between the stages, just picture the scene: you’re standing at a bar and you don’t have to leave unless you want to mosh. Aah, moshing. HOWEVER, the line-up was so consistently excellent, you would have had to have gone and moshed your tits off. It was that kind of festival. Sadly, I saw The Ghost of a Thousand play their final show and that was a crying fucking shame. RIP, boys.”

Hugh PlattDamnation

“As much as I still gaze upon the bill for this year’s Sonisphere Festival with misty-eyed glee, circumstances meant I missed what should’ve been my perfect festival line-up. So by default, that means Download should be the obvious choice, right? Wrong.”

“Damnation Festival once again proved that smaller-scale events can deliver a significantly more intense than their larger summer brethren. Even with the cancellation of Decapitated, it boasted a line-up with no weak points. It could boast of genuine legends – be it high-profile ones like Godflesh (pictured, below), or overlooked ones, like Doom. It had some of the best up-and-coming talent in the UK, from the experimental black metal of Dragged Into Sunlight, through to the manic riff-worship of Astrohenge. By decoupling from the millstones of booking bands to meet album tour cycles or passing fads, Damnation was free able to curate a line-up full of bands that not only do other festivals tend to overlook, but that other festivals would struggle to know what to do with even if they did book them.”

Godflesh @ Damnation Festival - 05 November 2011 by Gary Wolstenholme

Tom DoyleHevy

“Despite a couple of organisational issues Hevy Festival cemented its reputation as a festival of diverse quality and with a booking policy that is both progressive and imaginative as well as appealing to the kids in the know. An impeccable line-up of bands old and new from both the UK and further afield tore Lympne Animal Park a new one in mid-August and we are already excited for next years instalment. #M0SH”

Amit SharmaSonisphere

Matt ThomasLiverpool Soundcity

“It was the only one I made it to this year!”

Jon KerrThe Big Four @ Sonisphere

“A dream long-held by many a thrash fan made real. Diamond Head followed by Anthrax followed by Megadeth followed by Slayer followed by Metallica! The weekend also featured much talked about sets from Gojira, Cancer Bats, Bad Religion, Biffy Clyro and Gallows (Frank Carter’s farewell gig).”

Metallica @ Sonisphere Festival - 08 July 2011 c/o Ben Gibson

Andy ParkerSonisphere

“Once again the Soni team delivered a balanced and diverse line up along with good organisation and safety. You don’t think about these things, but compared to the ballache of Donington and the over-crowding of Reading it really cannot be beat in the UK.”

Paul CaudellSonisphere

“Sonisphere surprise me every year by booking an amazing line up of rising bands, this year was no different.”

So there you have it. We’re not giving out any awards; just patting the relevant people on the back so when we reach for a high five, they ruin the palm of our right hand. People from Hevy: don’t change what you’re doing – it can only get better. People from Sonisphere: stay awesome! What was YOUR favourite festival of 2011 though? Tell us below.


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