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January 12th, 2012

2012 Album Preview: Killswitch Engage – TBC

Killswitch Engage no frontman promo photo Thrash Hits

Killswitch Engage
Title TBC
Roadrunner Records
Winter 2012

What they’re saying:
2012 was supposed to see the return of Killswitch Engage…but recent events have seen the band throw our expectations, predictions, and Howard Jones’ career right out the window. A new Killswitch album has been in the demo stages since Autumn 2011, and prior to the recent ejection of his vocalist, the band’s bassist, Mike D’Antonio, described it thus:

“Killswitch Engage should be in the studio in February/March, so expect a summer 2012 release for the new record. We have a bit of a breather in the writing schedule so Adam [Dutkiewicz, guitar] can finish the Shadows Fall record, but as of now we have eight demos finished for the new record. Everything is coming together nicely at the moment….my demos are pretty fast. Blast beats, anyone?”

Dude, seriously – don’t even joke about that sort of thing. What’s interesting is that this quote comes from as recently as the start of December 2011 – that predicted Summer release date is almost certainly off the table now, and who knows what will become of the tracks the band has demoed so far once a new vocalist has been sorted?

Howard Jones isn’t the only one who’s heart isn’t in this anymore:

Thrash Hits verdict:
Let’s face up to some facts. Even if we take that fact that Jones’ “heart wasn’t in it”, Killswitch Engage’s previous long-player effort was more than a tad on the mediocre side. Is it little wonder that various members of KSE have spent the last few years focussing on side-projects like Times of Grace and Death Ray Vision? Whatever way you choose to slice it, it leaves us with relatively little hope for whatever might come from Killswitch next.

That said, perhaps a fresh start is exactly what the band needs to jump-start their career again? Arguably it was when Jones replaced Jesse Leach back in 2002 that the band really became a dominant force in modern metalcore. Perhaps another change in vocalist will give them a chance to do that again…? We guess we’ll have to wait till their open auditions for a new frontman are done and dusted before we can say for sure.

Guitar Solo Potential: