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January 25th, 2012

2012 Album Preview: One Minute Silence – Live In The Studio

One Minute Silence 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

One Minute Silence
Live In The Studio
Self-Released via PledgeMusic
ETA Spring 2012

What They’re Saying:
When word leaked out back in 2010 that One Minute Silence had reformed (albeit minus original drummer Eddie Stratton, who’s coeliac disease and subsequent medical-marijuana related legal issues ruled out), we weren’t sure what to think. For the young ‘uns among you, One Minute Silence were something of A Big Deal back around the turn of the millenium. They were big enough to headline the London Astoria. They were the main support to Slipknot on their first major tour of the UK. They were one of the few British bands to make it out and play the early Ozzfest runs across the USA. They got banned from the Highbury Garage (and indeed, all Mean Fiddler venues for a while) after their fans smashed the venue up. But by the time their third album dropped in 2003, the momentum behind the band had waned, and their eventual drift into hiatus went largely unnoticed. Then even after their reformation, or a time it even looked like their reunion was going to implode, as the band had to pull out from their booking at Sonisphere 2011, as explained by their frontman, Brian ‘Yap’ Barry:

“We have tried so hard to get OMS back in shape in time for Sonisphere –  music can be a funny path – our sounds were finding ground but then the ground just seemed to crumble – we have been working so hard to make it all come together but in truth it has be a real struggle we tried so hard to be ready but the fact is that as it stands today we are not ready – we were desperately not wanting to let any OMS fans down but we sadly have to pull out of the Sonisphere gig on July 9. Huge apologies from all of us if you bought a ticket especially to see us play – life is life folks and we are genuinely sorry. We want you to know that this is also just one gig we’re cancelling – we are still focused as a band and will continue to write and rehearse new material as we have been for the past eight months and when we feel ready we will take the stage again and see you all in the pit.”

Then came One Minute Silence’s PledgeMusic project – the band was heading back to the studio, with the intention of recording a live album of both old and new material. At the time of writing, they’ve smashed past their target by over 25% – so we dropped an email to Massy Fiocco, the band’s guitarist, to find out what this means we can expect from OMS in 2012:

“If only I was asked this question in a few more weeks I could be more precise. Right now we have tons of ideas that’s been written in front of laptops. Thanks to all our loyal fans that pledged and pre-ordered our new live album, we’ve now got all studios and rehearsals booked. First block of rehearsals start 01 February. We have some of our heaviest riffs we’ve ever writing and a new electronic element to make this album different from our previous ones. But let me answer this question quite simply, if you liked what we did before you’ll love our new stuff and if you thought we were heavy and had something to scream about, then you best get ready for a fucking war at our next show. There’s something really precious about the fact that you our fans have giving us this opportunity to make another album and to get on a stage again. OMS 2012, get ready for the biggest mosh-pit on planet earth!!!”

Those there sound like fightin’ words!

Watch Massy talking about OMS back in Summer 2011:

Thrash Hits verdict:
We’d be lying if we said we expected a world-shattering release from OMS in 2012. True, there’s as much – if not more – topical fodder for Brian ‘Yap’ Barry’s polemic lyrics now than there was during the band’s heyday, but that’s one of the reasons we feel so conflicted about the band’s return in 2012. Sometimes reunions are able to capture the spirit and soul of what made the band great in the first place – as earthtone9 were able to do – but sometimes it just exposes all that was flawed within it to begin with. Is our nostalgia – and One Minute Silence’s new material – going to be strong enough to them to succeed?

Then there’s the matter of Politics. OMS might’ve always claimed they weren’t an overtly political band, but that’s bobbins and they, us and you all know that. And Politics and music have always been a tough beast to combine – it’s all too easy for preachiness to overwhelm whatever message (no matter how well-meaning)  that bands are trying to convey. Bands like Rage Against The Machine, and yes, like early OMS, were the exceptions to this rule, and part of us fears that the Political messages that we would happily slam-dance, circle-pit, and stage-dive to back in 2000, might end up sounding a little bit grouchy coming at us from a band that’s a older, wiser, and less inclined to accidentally start gig-riots.

We really, really, really hope that OMS don’t release something so awful it sullies our more innocent mosh-memories. We cannot stress enough how hard we are crossing our fingers on that score. Some of our favourite gig memories from the time we were spotty, ungainly teenagers came from the wild abandon of One Minute Silence shows. But like OMS, we’re now older, wiser, and far less likely to throw ourselves headfirst off a stack of amps at a gig in the hope that the gaggle of teenagers underneath will catch up. We’re gonna have to wait until we’ve heard Live in the Studio for ourselves before passing any significant judgement on this one.

Guitar solo potential: 1.5/6


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