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January 11th, 2012

2012 Album Preview: Soundgarden – TBC

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Title TBC
Summer 2012

What they’re saying:
While the reformed Soundgarden played across the USA throughout 2011, and have Australian/New Zealand dates later this month, they won’t be arriving in Europe till the Summer (aka festival season) comes around. This means with a little luck, we might be getting it before the band hit Download/Sonisphere/Reading. The band’s guitarist, Kim Thayil, has been talking to Kerrang! magazine about the direction the resurrected grunge act has taken with the as-yet-untitled album:

“We want to make sure the material excites us. The last thing we want to make is another grunge or metal record.”

Hmmm. Hardly the most informative of quotes. Luckily, Chris Cornell has been a bit mouthier on the subject – indeed, he recently told The Pulse Of Radio:

“Having not written a Soundgarden album in so long, I’d think it’d be really exciting to do it, just to be working on music with those guys again. It certainly feels like it would be really fresh and we could probably push boundaries we didn’t do before, as well as complete some specific feel or some aspect of the band musically that I felt like we brushed up against, but we never perfected, you know.”

Will the new album sound anything like the recorded-years-ago-but-only-recently-released Soundgarden track, ‘Black Rain’?

Thrash Hits verdict:
Even the most ardent of grunge’s many torchbearers were surprised at just how big of a splash Alice In Chains made with their reinvention of themselves in 2009, but can Soundgarden do the same? The release of Live on I-5 and Telephantasm have laid the groundwork and primed long-term fans for the release of new material, and the band’s recent tours have shown that while Chris Cornell’s recent solo albums might have divided opinions, when he’s back in the fold of his old band, he can still deliver the goods. Whether or not Soundgarden can recapture the energy and power of Superunknown and Badmotorfinger though is another matter entirely…

Guitar Solo Potential:


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