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January 23rd, 2012

2012 Album Preview: The Bronx – The Bronx

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The Bronx
The Bronx
Swami/Witchita/ATO/White Drugs?
Late 2012

What they’re saying:
As we saunter into 2012, you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Bronx would never get round to mugging off their El Bronx mariachi alter-egos and get back to the serious business of releasing their fourth album under their primary hardcore identity. The Bronx, remember, crafted some of the most exciting hardcore punk of recent years before releasing their two albums of Mariachi music. And yes, of late it has seemed as if their formative band was playing second fiddle to their Central American sister act – but not much longer, it seems. During September of last year, the group spoke to Myspace Music about writing a follow-up to 2008’s III:

If you’re too lazy to watch three minutes of video, here’s he highlight you’re interested in:

“We’re five songs deep into our new album … Hopefully recording [it] around Christmas and summer release/spring release….[The Bronx] is still alive and well. We’re officially two bands. And both bands are alive and well. It’s a lot of work, but it’s awesome. I’m looking forward to getting in and finishing The Bronx record and I’m also looking forward to doing a headlining El Bronx tour. And sometime next year probably merging both bands and doing some crazy two-show-a-night megatour….It’s nice to balance both bands off each other. When you get tired of one you can go to the other. It’s a nice creative springboard.”

Thrash Hits verdict:
A new Bronx release, to be honest, is pretty high on our want-lists for 2012. The previous three releases have been simultaneously seismic in their devastation and yet grounded in the grime of Los Angeles in their subject matter. It’s difficult to think of the band releasing anything other than a balls-to-the-wall punk album based on similar themes, but with the information we’ve been able to gather on this record, it may as well be a Rollins-esque spoken word diatribe on the contents of Frodo Baggin’s undergarments draw. This is the sort of investigative journalism you come to Thrash Hits for.

In lieu of real information, we’ll tell you what we want from the new album by The Bronx album: wretchedly simple but irresistible grooves, a calloused every-man soap-box  and enough bounce for us to sling beers to until we’re stuck on the 133 back to Streatham Hill, insanely grinning and puking. The joy of The Bronx has always been in the simplicity of their ethos and the music that mirrors it, with a complete package that is fleshier than almost every other punk band in existence. And this is why we need a new album.

Come on lads, take off the sombreros.

Guitar solo potential: 2/6



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