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January 23rd, 2012

Album: Aborted – Global Flatline

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Global Flatline
Century Media
23 January 2012

by Dan Pelic

This far into the very existence of death metal, bands may well have to go against the anti-melodic grain many of the genre tend to follow. Bands like Decapitated have raised the bar for blasters and grinders to find groove – an elusive, serpent-like creature few bands come to capture and train to dance effectively alongside the ultimate brutality all death metal acts inevitably compete to attain.

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Belgium’s (well, originally, at least) Aborted have definitely took notice of their peers’ advancements in technical death-grind metal, intra-innovating, while staying true to the band of yore that helped establish the standard of the past (along with all the horrible afflictions a good medical dictionary has to offer).

While Global Flatline assaults the cranium from the get-go – single ‘Источник Болезни (The Origin of Disease)’ is no slouch of a blaster – the horror movie quote-laced latter half of the album is its strongest merit. ‘Of Scabs and Boils’ is a bona fide circle-pitter that very well could have been the first track of an eight-song groove-infested death metal album. ‘Expurgation Euphoria’ is a classic, down tempo death metal “ballad”, without which no death metal album would be complete. ‘From a Tepid Whiff’ and ‘Our Father Who Art of Feces’ are straight-ahead headbangers relieving us of the non-stop calculus many death-grind albums take to digest.

Watch the video to ‘Источник Болезни (The Origin of Disease)’ by Aborted:

Heaps of praise unto Aborted for tastefully keeping with the times and releasing an album worthy of critical praise – Global Flatline is sure to surprise old listeners and satiate those hip to the (welcomed) trend of groove-laced death metal.


Sounds Like: Decapitated, Nile
Standout Tracks: Of Scabs and Boils, Expurgation Euphoria, From a Tepid Whiff



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