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January 30th, 2012

Album: Dyscarnate – And So It Came To Pass

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And So It Came To Pass
Siege Of Amida Records
27 February 2012

by Von

Eshewing the recent trend in modern metal to be as technical as possible, Dyscarnate put their faith in big, brutal riffing and complex, but never wanky, drum work. That isn’t to say they pound out drop-D, one-note, bore-you-to-tears crap-fests – far from it. You don’t need a degree in guitar wank to enjoy this album. What you will need, however, is a neck, because I guarantee you’ll be nodding along, if not full-on windmill headbanging to at least one track.

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My headbanging moment came on the opening of one of the stand out tracks – ‘A Drone In The Hive’. Look at the riff in isolation and you’ll find it’s a fairly simple bit of driving guitar work that wouldn’t be out of place on any thrash or death release. But couple it with some beautifully complimentary drumming, and the sheer intensity at which it’s played, and there you have it – my hat is across the room, I’ve got hair in my mouth, and an invisible orange clutched in one hand.

“Intensity” is a word that pops up a lot when describing the album, almost as if the guys need to get the riffs out of them, as fast as possible. You can feel this on ‘Engraving Ecstasy’. The intro riff kicks in, and descends at speed to a silence. Many bands would draw this out for effect, give the listener a breather – not so here. It kicks back in after a split second of quiet. No time for love Doctor Jones, we’ve got death metal to play!

Watch the video to ‘The Promethean’ by Dyscarnate:

‘The Promethean’ shows off Dyscarnate’s influences, and how they mix them up in their own special way – a Bolt Thrower chug stomps all over the beginning – before speeding up into Vader territories (with hints of Morbid Angel guitar work) Before they finish off, they add a brutal beatdown dressed in death metal cutoffs – a nod to the ‘core, but not a handshake.

So far, so gushy…but what’s there that not quite so easy to like? Well, some of songs are pretty formulaic, and there isn’t any innovation or experimentation here – if you don’t like down-the-line death metal, And So It Came To Pass is not for you. Some riffs teeter on the edge of being classic earworms, but fall just short, and the vocal interplay (high brutal and low brutal) isn’t used enough for my liking. But that’s me looking for fault because it’s my job – as intense, driving modern death metal that’s about to be the moshpit’s best friend, And So It Came To Pass does not fail.


Sounds Like: Brightly shining brutality.
Standout Tracks: A Drone In The Hive, Grinding Down The Gears, The Promethean.



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