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January 26th, 2012

Album: Goatwhore – Blood For The Master

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Blood For The Master
Metal Blade
13 February 2012

by Von

Confession time. I only just started really listening to Goatwhore. Yeah, I’d heard them on compilation CDs and Spotify trawls, but I hadn’t sat down and got through a whole album. Why? Because I’m a fucking moron. Goatwhore are pretty much everything I like about metal. Each album is a great big spiky ball of black, blasting, power that makes me want to throw booze down myself, burn churches to the ground and wear nothing but bullet belts. I want to go back in time and smack myself in the face for being so dumb.

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But now I have the chance to listen to Blood For The Master as it comes out. And to make up for my previous foolishness, I’ve listened to it a lot. And I’m not bored of it. It’s certainly not a departure from previous albums, a high octane blend of death, black and thrash, speedy riffs and midpaced stomping. Rasping vocals border on brutal, but don’t cookie monster all over everything. There’s even a bit of a punky vibe on a few track, but the kind of punky Darkthrone is doing now – think spikes’n’spitting, not radio-friendly. Solos aren’t exactly the kind of thing that could beat Satan at the crossroads, but are a perfect opportunity to air guitar with one hand still clutching a beer.

Watch the lyric video to ‘Collapse in Eternal Worth’ by Goatwhore:

Just kind of sounds okay so far, doesn’t it? Bit of this, bit of that, blah blah. Thing is, it’s much more than the sum of it’s parts. Everything clicks together to form a monster of an album. It’s the most fun parts of black death and thrash all smashed together to form a supercharged muscle car of ass kicking evil, powering down a road made of bleached skulls at top speed. It’s that riff from ‘Dethroned Emperor’, brought into the 21st Century and turned into an album.

All in all, this a fucking killer album. But you’d die with a smile.


Sounds Like: The Crown, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone (at their punkist).
Standout Tracks: When Steel And Bone Meet, My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers



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