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January 4th, 2012

Cancer Bats announce Pentagram Tour – 6 shows, in 5 venues, across 1 city, in 1 day

Cancer Bats promo photo 2010 Thrash Hits

Fresh from treating us to ‘Old Blood’, the first taster they’ve given the world of their forthcoming fourth studio album, Dead Set On Living, those spiky Canadians, Cancer Bats, have unveiled yet another scheme to remind us of how much we love them. Like the title says, on April 21, the foursome are coming to London to play six shows, in five different venues, all within the space of just 24 hours. And to add that little extra bit of spice, the five venues they’ve settled upon just so happen to be in the form of a pentagram. Nice.

Of course, what with us being a bunch of miserable old cynics, our first thoughts when we heard this pentagram claim were along the lines of “yeah…right“. The Old Blue Last, Camden Barfly, Highbury Garage, Notting Hill Arts Club, and the Brixton Windmill couldn’t possibly form the shape of a pentagram when you lay them out on a map, right? However, thanks to the wonders of modern, online cartography, we were able to test our skepticism with some cold hard facts. And boy, were we about to get some egg on our fresh, 2012 faces.

View Cancer Bats Pentagram Tour in a larger map

BOOM. Hats off to the Cancer Bats boys – consider ourselves impressed.

Cancer Bats Pentagram tour schedule
April 21

11:30am The Old Blue Last
2:00pm Notting Hill Arts Club
4:30pm Upstairs at The Garage
7:00pm Brixton Windmill
9:30pm Camden Barfly
12:00am The Old Blue Last

Which show do you think is going to be the best? Is anyone going to be barmy enough to try to attend all six (answer: yes). Ticket prices for all shows is £10 per ticket, so you’re going to have to be pretty sharpish if you want to a spot at all of them. Tickets will be on sale very soon from the usual suspects.



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