Thrash Hits

January 2nd, 2012

DISINGENUOUS HEADLINE: “£13m worth of metal stolen”

metal thief BBC screen capture 13m railways

We like being outraged at Crimes Against Metal so when we read regular news we become outraged at Crimes Against Metal but soon become embarrassed and even lonelier as we discover the article is talking about actual metal, not proper metal. It happened a couple of weeks ago and it just happened again.

It’s funny because as if there’s £13 MILLION worth of metal worth stealing. We’ve all got the first three ‘Tallica albums and Reign In Blood. Seriously, though. We’ve all got those albums, yeah? They’re worth £13m on their own.

Then we looked at the Related Stories and we saw someone’s been STEALING CHURCH METAL!? Oh…

Cue: embarrassment.
Cue: loneliness.



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