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January 31st, 2012

EP: AGHAST! – Live Dangerously

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Live Dangerously
01 March 2012

by Andy Parker

I first got to witness London-based death/thrash/extreme metal crew AGHAST! in a dodgy Brighton pub on my birthday in 2009 and was stunned by two things. Firstly, by lead guitarist Christiaan Verheij Van-Wijk’s mental spandex trousers, which were then replaced by an even crazier pair when the band went on stage. And secondly, by how blisteringly-fast and gripping their blinding riffs were.

AGHAST! Living Dangerously EP cover artwork packshot 400px Thrash Hits

Live Dangerously delivers three tracks of straight-up speed, for those of you who like stuff where guitars shred faster than a Betterware onion slicer and the sound of drummer feet snapping away from their ankles. That’s coupled with what I find to be one of the biggest selling points of Live Dangerously: the production skills of The Safety Fire’s Dez Nagle. The band’s screaming maestro, James Anson, sounds word-for-word perfect, whilst still providing a brutal performance .

‘We Fear Silence’ by AGHAST!

My only criticism of this release is that I think it’s time somebody picked these boys up and gave them a full-length release, because at the tempo they play I worry that it means AGHAST! might end up blowing themselves out all too soon.


Sounds Like: Gutworm, Death Valley Piledriver, Dyscarnate
Standout Track: There’s only 3! All of ’em!


AGHAST! are giving away their Live Dangerously EP as a free download from – go over and check them on Facebook and they’ll fill you in as to how you can get your hands on a copy.



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