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January 19th, 2012

EP: Veils – Clarity

Veils promo photo Thrash Hits

Tangled Talk Records
30 January 2012

by Alex Andrews

From the front cover of Clarity, a deer stares out of a black and white photograph, amidst a desolate, snow covered landscape. It’s a mood that’s mirrored by the eerie guitar that ushers in the EP’s opener and one that hangs in the air, right up until a trail of ringing feedback marks the end of ‘Surrender (Clarity)’.

Veils Clarity EP cover artwork packshot 400px Thrash Hits

Now part of the Tangled Talk family, this five-tracker from the Cornish four piece follows last year’s promising demo with a stronger, yet more refined dose of the kind of melodic, cathartic hardcore that seems to have been sown from the seeds of screamo. Sometimes fast and frantic, other times slow and brooding, Veils are never anything other than completely earnest and emphatically urgent.

With The Long Haul’s Lewis Johns lending his Midas touch behind the sound desk, each element of this EP, from the drummer’s tasteful use of the double kick to the melodic interplay between the guitar parts, is well thought out and perfectly executed. Together, the band creates these almost apocalyptic and occasionally lush symphonies of noise, with Chlo Edwards’ vocal delivery – though slightly less harsh than on the demo – full of anguish and heavy-hearted melodrama.

Listen to ‘Standing Alone (Isolation)’ by Veils:

Yet there’s still the inescapable feeling that the combined results fall a little short of what they could’ve been. Clarity is by all means an excellent interpretation of a particular type of hardcore that continues to gain momentum. And though Veils – having only formed last March – are one of finer examples you’ll encounter on this side of the Atlantic, they need to develop a stronger identity before they can hold onto attentions over the length of an album.


Sounds Like: Kerouac, More Than Life, Touché Amoré
Standout Tracks: Caves (Anxiety), Stallions (Adrenaline), Stronghold (Destruction)



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