Thrash Hits

January 6th, 2012

Lostprophets unleash future rap-rock classic, ‘Better Off Dead’

No, seriously. This is no piss-take. The new Lostprophets song, ‘Better Off Dead’ is a bona fide rap-rock classic in waiting. You’ll see. On 06 January 2062 they’re going to have a Golden Jubilee to commemorate the day where the Welsh veterans made the internet – and music in general – a little bit better.

It’s the kind of shit rapping that puts Coby Dick to shame. I say Coby Dick and not Jacoby Shaddix because I’m referring to Last Resort era Papa Roach. I know we’re meant to be going through some sort of nu-metal celebration or whatever but this is bollocks. This is the fake sound of progress. See what I did there? OK.

What the fuck? If you don’t really like yourself and want to download it for FREEBS, go to

The good news is they’ve got a new album, called Grab Your Weapons out on 02 April 2012. Hopefully it’s chock full of even more rap-rock brilliance. Fingers crossed.



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