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January 29th, 2012

Sunday Slaylist: Speculating Sonisphere 2012

Speculating Sonisphere 2012 Slaylist Thrash Hits

Well, this week Sonisphere finally broke their silence and announced some of the bands that will be playing their Spanish and Finnish festivals this year. As yet there’s still no names for Knebworth, and as Metal Hammer noted, some of the names that are playing in Madrid and Helsinki are playing Download in the UK, and therefore seem highly unlikely to make the UK edition of Sonisphere. But it got us thinking – what bands could be playing at Knebworth this year?

Now if you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve said that we know at least two bands that will be playing the UK leg of Sonisphere 2012. And yes, both of them are in this week’s Slaylist. We’ve also added tracks from every other band we’ve heard rumoured to be playing Knebworth (although some of them we know are going to be playing Reading, Leeds or Download instead…), so perhaps we’ve got even more of the line-up right than we know. Only time will tell….

Listen to our Sunday Slaylist: Speculating Sonisphere 2012

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Watch our playlist of Thrash Hits TV @ Sonisphere Festival 2011:

There’s at least one rumoured band that we’ve deliberately left off our Slaylist (not that they’re on Spotify, anyway). This band is one of the names that some people are throwing around as a potential headliner….but we happen to know that they are definitely not playing at Knebworth. Can anyone work out who it is we’re talking about?


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