Thrash Hits

January 2nd, 2012

The BBC Radio 1 Rock Show is on at 7pm tonight. Show your support.

daniel p carter bbc radio 1 rock show thrash hits

You like metal. You pay your TV License money. Use this opportunity to show the BBC why the Rock Show is worthy of an evening slot rather than its regular position at midnight-2am every Monday night. It’s on Radio 1 tonight at 7pm for two hours. It’s Monday. As if you’ve got anything better to do.

It’s a Bank Holiday which means that niche programming gets let out of the biscuit tin for a bit. If there are enough people listening and interacting with the show, however, they might take notice and we’ll be able to listen to Daniel P Carter’s dulcet tones while we’re eating our dinners instead of nodding off halfway through the Will Haven session.

One day… One day…



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