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February 3rd, 2012

Album: Crocus – Our Memories Dress Me In A Dead Lust

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Our Memories Dress Me In A Dead Lust
Holy Roar
13 February 2012

by Tomas Doyle

British bands are often accused of apeing their American counterparts – a trend which is most patently seen in the rock mainstream, and where the UK and US markets are intrinsically wed by the  lifelines of big package tours and cross continental label backing. But punk kids have long since realised that a lot of the best tunes are being made by our friends in mainland Europe. From the d-Beat and crust of Scandinavia, to the classic ‘Euro’ screamo sound of bands like La Quiete and Gantz, there is a rawness which characterises European punk that’s hard to beat. It’s from this latter lineage of gut-wrentching European screamo where Crocus firmly triangulate their sound.

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Admittedly Crocus’ influence is not drawn exclusively from one specific geographical location – the ghosts of Pg.99, Orchid and even Hot Cross loom over ‘Our Memories…’ but nonetheless there is a real sense here that the Cornish four-piece have successfully navigated their way to their own  middle ground rather than simply culling riffs and structures from their forebears. This distinctiveness is in part found in a heavier tonality than the band have reached for previously yet there is still room for stark minimalism and most vitally a real sense of melody amongst the chaos – driven primarily by a jangley and dexterous guitar performance possessed of a psychotic, schizophrenic quality.

That being said, throughout Our Memories… every instrument is given an opportunity to shine, with the production allowing the space in the mix for each member of the quartet to wrestle something interesting from their strings, skins or vocal chords (the drum performance in particular is lyrical yet powerful when required). There is still an evident penchant for lunatic quick-time changes and lightening speed riff-shifts which make this a complex and often head spinning listen but there are also moments of crystalline beauty amongst the aural battering rams.

Watch the video to ‘All Of You’ by Crocus:

Pre-existing fans of this sort of thing will be sure to enjoy what is a powerful statement of intent from the band that is slowly but surely finding its voice. One problem for Crocus might be that some of the more short-sighted fans of their major influences may instantly dismiss this as “hipster nonsense” simply because this is being released on Holy Roar (a notion that’s quite frankly foolish), but at a time when the Euro screamo sound has found some decent exponents in the UK (Mesa Verde spring immediately to mind), Crocus are leading the pack and doing it with serious aplomb. The cynics would be advised to give this a chance – Our Memories Dress Me In A Dead Lust is well worth checking out.


Sounds Like: Pg.99, Daitro
Standout Tracks: You Don’t Belong, Left to Bruise



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