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February 15th, 2012

Dear TRC, I think we need to have a little talk about our “relationship” in light of your video to ‘Temptation’

In the spirit of the “Dear John letter” concept, one of our writers just had to get something off his chest (following several minutes of dumbfoundedness) after watching the mesmeric new video from TRC. Warning: This post contains a TRC video.

Dear TRC,

I’m terribly sorry that I’ve had to do this through a letter. I couldn’t bear to make a scene in public. Also, I’m a physical coward and I think you might actually punch me in my wimpy, middle-class liberal face. I know we could never describe our “relationship” as being that a close one, but this afternoon I saw your promo video for ‘Temptation’, I thought it best we make a clean break of it before it develops any further.

I’m still unsure of myself as I write about this. In many ways, critiquing all that is awful about your new video would almost be the hardcore equivalent of writing a blog in 2012 based around the concept that “Limp Bizkit are shit! LOL!”, insofar that the thinking behind it is so played out as to be almost irrelevant. It seems ironically lazy of me to pass off the idea that your song sounds suspiciously similar to Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Chelsea Smile’ (albeit given a Pwopah Nawty!!!!11!1 Dyer-Dyer-style spin) as one of my own, given how I pinched that opinion off Twitter. And while at first I was going to say “at least it’s better than that video for that other song where you a ex-member of the band called anyone who dislikes your band a faggot“, because ‘Temptation’ just seems to have replaced that casual throwaway homophobia of that little outing with the uncomfortable pub-talk-level misogyny I usually only have to deal with that one time a year when my shitting-mad great-uncle makes his annual Christmas visit. I guess we can take the fact that it’s not as bad as Emmure’s ‘Drug Dealer Friend’ as a positive spin on things, but when “not as shit as Emmure” is one of your points of reference, well….exactly.

So in that respect. I’m glad this is done and we’re going separate directions for good. I hope that one day you all find those special someones with whom you’re able to realise your dream of “The only thing / I’ve ever wanted / is to feel love / for someone worth it”. Anyway, I’m looking ahead and not looking back. Please don’t let it get you all upset inside – we’re just not compatible. “It’s not you; it’s me”, etc. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Regardless, I promise you’ll never have to hear from me again after this. I can’t speak for any of my colleagues here at Thrash Hits, but I can promise you that much from me.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh from Thrash Hits

(entirely inspired by/ripped off from


Hugh: After we published this article, Chris Robson from TRC got in touch with us via the Thrash Hits Facebook page, and gave the below explanation as to the unfortunate presence of a certain lyric in the old version of the band’s song, ‘Define Cocky’, which I linked to the corresponding video of in the above piece. You can check out the whole sordid Facebook thread here, but here’s the actual comment in question:

Chris Robson from TRC explains "the faggot thing" and now we look a bit more dickish than usual

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think this article would kick up a shitstorm when I was writing/publishing it, and I’d be full of shit if I tried to dodge taking responsibility for the consequences. And one of those consequences is me amending the article in light of the above comment – it’d be disingenuous for me to leave it as it was. I’m not suddenly going to pretend I’ve done a 180 and like ‘Temptation’ now, but neither would I be comfortable in leaving the piece as it was. And fair play to Chris for taking my shit-stirring for what it was, and choosing to see it on funny side.

(I’d also be lying if I didn’t also admit that hopefully this means he isn’t going to punch my head clean off my shoulders any time soon.)

We had a tough decision choosing which of the screengrabs we took from the video to ‘Temptation’ to go with our blog – in the end we were spoiled for choice. So we figured we’d just put them all in a single, nice animated gif for you all. Enjoy!

TRC Temptation Loop Thrash Hits



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