Thrash Hits

February 21st, 2012

Hard Rock Hell – The Road Trip are offering a 10% discount on tickets right now.

Hard Rock Hell Road Trip Ibiza 2012 poster Thrash Hits

We know that technically metal fans tend to be a frosty bunch – what with all the trve kvlt grim metal from the frozen Scandinavian wastes stuffing out our record collections and all that – but it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s what the folks over at Hard Rock Hell thought when they concocted their Ibiza-based Hard Rock Hell – The Road Trip festival a few years back. Now in it’s third incarnation, the festival has just announced another clutch of bands and is offering you a chance to nab an extra 10% off your tickets if you buy now. Not too shabby, eh?

The line-up so far consists of Marky Ramone, Attica Rage, Electric Boys, Spit Like This, Fatal Smile, Evil Scarecrow, Hammerhead, Shattered Skies, Sanguine, Zodiac N Black, Silverjet, Criminal, Pat McManus, Mothers Ruin, Spirytus and DJ Krusher. There’ll be some more named at some point, but we think that’s plenty of indication as to what kind of week you can expect over in Ibiza.

Tickets start at £99 per person depending on what accommodation option you swing for, but bear in mind that’s based on three people sharing a triple-room on the cheapest option. The current offer of a 10% discount when you book online at the official Hard Rock Hell Road Trip website (you’ll need to use the promo code “rock” when prompted to, during the transaction). Then again, let’s face it – if you’re seriously bothered about stretching your finances right now, why are you seriously thinking about buying tickets to a seven-day festival on a Mediterranean party-island? You also need to nab some cheap flights out to Ibiza (as this isn’t included in the ticket price), but if you were planning on going on some sort of island-based holiday this summer anyway, we guess that this is also something else you’d have taken into account already. C’mon people, we’re all adults here and can figure out how to book cheap flights.


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