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February 29th, 2012

Has Peter Dolving announced he’s quitting The Haunted….via Facebook?

The Haunted promo photo 2011 Thrash Hits

To answer our own, rather ambiguously-worded rhetorical question in our blog-post’s title – it seems so. The Haunted vocalist appears to have unequivocally confirmed his departure from the band to the rest of the world via a sternly-worded post on his personal Facebook page. And going by what’s he’s saying, it’s not what you could really call an “amicable split”.

Don’t worry, we’re not exposing any great personal guff here – Peter’s Facebook wall is open to the public. Here’s what the former-frontman had to say:

Peter Dolving Quits The Haunted via Facebook Thrash Hits

** UPDATE ** And now the band themselves have confirmed Dolving’s decision to quit the band via a post on their own Facebook page:

The Haunted confirm Peter Dolving has quit via Facebook Thrash Hits

I know we’re reading between the lines here, given that Dolving is saying he won’t answer questions as to why he’s decided to quit, but we think “after years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it” doesn’t exactly imply a rosy relationship with his former bandmates right now. Maybe the band will get Marco Aro (the vocalist who took over after Dolving quit the band the first time around in 1998) back now? Then again, knowing Anders Björler (the man who quit At The Gates claiming he was done with music entirely, only to start The Haunted a few months later after changing his mind), we reckon there’s as good a chance of the entire band splitting up now.

At the very least, it does (sadly) mean that Unseen will be the final album recorded by the Dolving-fronted incarnation of The Haunted. It was a load of old toss. We’d much rather remember The Haunted back during the times of their earlier albums they recorded with Peter on vocal duties, like when they were touring Versus and all we could do was mindlessly talk to him about the length of his beard:



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