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February 24th, 2012

Interview: Cerebral Bore on finding inspiration from everything from funny farts to good burgers

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Last week you’ll have no doubt read us urging you to go check out ‘Horrendous Acts of Iniquity’, the brand new track from three-quarters-Scottish-one-quarter-Dutch gore-minded upstarts, Cerebral Bore. And if you read any of the words that were alongside the bowel-threateningly aggressive death metal, you’ll know that this isn’t a cut off a forthcoming album or even an EP, but as a single. A single? Yes, and a non-album single at that. People still do those, apparently.

We figured this was more than enough of an excuse to catch up with the band’s guitarist/manager, Paul Mcguire, to find out not only why they’ve done this, but to grill him on everything else that’s been going on and is about to kick off over in the world of Cerebral Bore.

So why release a single? Why not at least go for an EP?
A busy schedule and studio availability, mostly. It was really only ever going to be this or nothing, so we went with the single idea. Not to worry though – the album will be out before you know it and we’ll be getting quizzed on album number 3 in no time.

Listen to ‘Horrendous Acts of Iniquity’ by Cerebral Bore:

Musicians often complain about falling foul of US border issues, but a pair of you guys went a step beyond that with your wrongful arrest situation in New York last year. Has the experience had any lasting effect on you guys? Did it change your perception of America? 
In a way, it kind of has changed my perception of America. Considering some of the stupid shit I’ve done on previous US tours, I look back on that and can’t believe how easily I could have been thrown in jail….and with good reason, unlike last time! I probably won’t be setting off fireworks or hanging on to a strangers tow-bar as they exit McDonalds drive-thru anymore…

I started writing a song about [the incident] while we were in our limbo period in New York last year, and hopefully it’ll end up on the album. If not a whole song, there will definitely be some kind of lyrical reference to it. If a fart that a friend did three years ago was memorable enough to be mentioned in a song, it would be silly not to write about other unforgettable experiences like being arrested on tour.

What do you think it is about Cerebral Bore that separates you from the vast legions of other brutal death acts out there?
Not sure – I don’t see it from the same perspective as everyone else so it’s hard to say. I think our music has a recognisable sound with a clear production, whereas alot of brutal death metal bands opt for a more classic filth-ridden production with as many indistinguishable notes as possible. I prefer catchiness and clarity in my own music.

Who knows though? Maybe it’s because our vocalist has tits.

Cerebral Bore On A Sofa 2012 Thrash Hits

Cerebral Bore: Chilling Out On A Sofa

On a similar slant, what’s going to be the main inspiration behind the new album?
Mostly personal experiences on the road…from a funny fart to a good burger. We’re working on it right now and expect it to be ready later this year. We could have it out sooner, but we aren’t taking a break from the touring circuit so it’s a slower process than if we had hit the breaks for six months.

You guys are still self-managed – do you regret this decision? What made you go down this route to begin with? What have been the positive – and negative – consequences of going down this route?
We have been self managed because that is the way we started out. I have managed the band from the beginning and I knew absolutely nothing about the job and had no contacts to refer to, so I’ve had to learn as I went. It has always come down to gut instinct – something I still rely heavily on to this day.

I think we are at the stage now where a manager would really benefit the band and give me more time to concentrate on being a musician, but I hear the good ones are one in a million, and the bad ones are ten a penny…as they say.

Its par of the course that brutal death metal bands push the boundaries when it comes to gruesome lyricism, but some of Cerebral Bore’s tracks really push it (hello, ’24 Hour Party Dungeon’!) Do you feel under pressure to “top” that kind of thing with each new release?
Not at all. I wrote those ’24 Year Party Dungeon’ lyrics as they were being recorded in the studio, so it wasn’t a big premeditated orgy of shock. I knew the track was about the Fritzl case, but it could have easily come out totally different. Just so happened that “evil pee pee” was the first thing that came to mind. More than anything we want our lyrics to at least be fun to read. They don’t always make a lot of sense with all the Scottish words thrown in, but generally when you are told what they refer to topically; it sheds a whole new light on it. Not that the title ’24 Year Party Dungeon’ didn’t speak volumes on its own.

Listen to ’24 Hour Party Dungeon’ by Cerebral Bore:

One of our friends shamelessly admits he got into your band because you share a name with a weapon from Turok. On a scale of 1 to 6, how ashamed should he be to admit that?
No shame as long as he is aware that the name is as far as it goes in relation to the game. We have no dinosaur slams or PlayStation lyrics. Although now that I’ve said that….dinosaur slams sound interesting.

Also, could you give him some life advice about improving his quality of life in general? He spends far too much time debating the merits of Resident Evil 4 on the internet.
I know his type…fuck it, he’s a lost cause. I may as well give him something funny to watch…check out a video on YouTube entitled “Rifle Burs”…I just saw it and it changed my life.

When you answered our Christmas questions, you somewhat joked about coming up with the song title ‘Raped Under The Mistletoe’…actually, this isn’t really a question, more of a request that you follow-through and make said song exist in reality. Cheers.
It is recorded and set for release December 2012. We are currently in discussions with 20th Century Fox film company regarding plans for it to be included as a special feature on the 2012 redux bastard version of the movie Miracle on 34th Street.


‘Horrendous Acts of Iniquity’ by Cerebral Bore is out now on Earache Records, and is available to buy via iTunes, and probably all manner of other digital music outlets. The band are currently on tour in the USA as support to Goatwhore and Hate Eternal, but will be returning to the UK next month to tour as part of the Suffocation-headlined Reborn of Death tour. Check out the extensive list of dates below – tickets are available from all the usual places (you know the score by now) or head on over to the band’s official Facebook page for more details:

Cerebral Bore 2012 tour dates
24 Portland Branx
25 Seattle Studio Seven
26 Boise The Venue
27 Salt Lake City In The Venue
28 Colorado Springs Black Sheep
29 Kansas City Beaumont Club
01 St Paul Station 4
02 Des Moines House Of Bricks
03 Chicago Reggie’s Rock Club
05 Toronto Hard Luck
06 Ottawa Maverick’s
07 Montreal Les Foufounes Electriques
08 Clifton Dingbatz
09 Brooklyn Saint Vitus
13 London Camden Underworld
14 Derby Old Bell
15 Liverpool O2 Academy
16 Dublin The Pint
17 Plymouth White Rabbit
18 Prestatyn Hammerfest 2012
15 Paris Le Klub
26 Barroselas SWR Festival


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