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February 8th, 2012

Live: Thin Lizzy + Clutch @ London Hammersmith Apollo – 04 February 2011

Thin Lizzy promo photo Thrash Hits

There are bands that go well with a drink, and then there are bands that turn even the lightest drinker into a nonstop, unapologetic booze machine. To have two bands of the latter kind on the same bill is kinda genius and also kinda dangerous. Our livers were quivering in fear when we set off for this one.

Six things we learned when Thin Lizzy and Clutch played in London

1) Clutch seem stronger than ever right now. We’ve been checking out their setlist over these tour dates and it’s changed quite considerably night after night. This band could probably play about 50 songs right off the bat without practicing. Which would be a good idea if we could handle drinking for that long.

2) Hammersmith ‘Odeon’ is one of our favourite venues. Yup, we listen to lots of Iron Maiden! We’ve seen many a support band drown in what could be considered the deep end of the London live music circuit. Clutch sound like they belong here, almost as headliners in their own right – and one day they will be, fingers crossed.

3) If you caught them at Download or High Voltage last year, you will probably agree that this is the best incarnation of Thin Lizzy since Phil Lynott. John Sykes is an incredible guitarist but his interpretation of these classics felt just a bit too pub rock at times. Ricky Warwick looks great and sounds great. And he’s Irish. Wahey!

4) It’s no secret that Thin Lizzy have written some of the greatest rock n’ roll songs of all time. Tonight’s setlist is just wall-to-wall hits and there’s not one dip, which just goes to show that these songs will continue to live forever. ‘Waiting For An Alibi’ into ‘Cowboy Song’ into ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’. That’s what we’re talking about.

5) Our liver took a pounding during Clutch, but Thin Lizzy are destroying us. This is drinking music, and by the end we’re raiding the bar like it’s New Years Eve. Which is even better tonight because there’s no 10 second pause for a crappy countdown before hugs with people you don’t even really like.

6) So you head to a gig, the bands rule, you get drunk and step out into a snow blizzard which has ground public transport to a halt – leaving you no option but to stumble home in the icy darkness. Who cares as long as you had a good time, right?*


*Opinions may vary depending on how far you live from this venue



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