Thrash Hits

February 15th, 2012

Pure Love played a gig. As promised, it sounds nothing like Gallows

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Happy Valentine’s Day! What did you do? Yeah, whatever. While most of the Thrash Hits squadron sat around on the sofa with no girls and even fewer friends, our intrepid Northern photographer, Ben Gibson popped down to Shepherd’s Bush to see Pure Love play their first ever show at Bush Hall.

You know Pure Love, right? It’s the new, expressly non-hardcore band from Frank Carter (ex-Gallows) and Jim Carroll (Hope Conspiracy). It doesn’t sound like Gallows. Frank doesn’t even sound like he did in The Vulture from Grey Britain.

Here’s what Gallows fanboy, Ben had to say about the gig:

“With every genre of music you’re going to get a different crowd, but not knowing the type of music led to a lot of Skrillex haircuts and face tattoos but also some far smarter dressed people, which made for an interesting mix. So when it kicked in, everyone was a little surprised. A couple of songs in Frank proclaimed, ‘I only learnt to sing didn’t I?’ He really did. With J Carroll knocking out some infectious grooves and Carter throwing in some massive hooks in an unfamiliar but alluring croon, it just sounded big. Despite the change of pace, Carter couldn’t help chucking in a couple of stagedives and even belting a song from the crowd. With the band rushing back to Brooklyn to get these songs down, this band has the potential to reach further than anyone ever could have expected.”



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