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February 3rd, 2012

Sonisphere headliners leaked – Faith No More and Queen…fronted by Adam Lambert?!? **UPDATED**

Queen Brian May Adam Lambert Thrash Hits

Those of you following us on Twitter will have heard us mention earlier this week that we’d just heard a festival headliner “rumour” so mental it has blown my mind. GOBSMACKED…well, it seems The Daily Star have gone and blown all our secrets out of the water – today they confirmed that this year’s Sonisphere Festival headliners in the UK will be Faith no More and Queen….fronted by Adam Lambert.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We should point out that at the time of writing, there has been no accidental official confirmation of any some of this – not from Sonisphere, Faith No More, Queen or Adam Lambert. We’ve asked “their people” to comment, but guess what? Right now, no-one’s saying anything, either in confirmation or denial. Make of that what you will (hint: IT’S LEGIT). **UPDATE** However, as spotted by one of our readers, Will Beardmore, someone at Universal Music appears to have accidentally posted confirmation fo Queen ft. Adam Lambert as headliners of Sonisphere over on one of the label’s Facebook profiles. They quickly realised their mistake and removed the offending post…but not before we got this cheeky screengrab:

Universal Let Slip On Queen ft. Adam Lambert Thrash Hits

Adam Lambert, for those among you who don’t venture outside of the world of rock and heavy metal, is a former American Idol runner-up who’s gone on to have a pretty damn successful career of his own despite that. He’s previously sung with Queen not only during his run on the US talent show, but also at last year’s MTV European Music Awards, where he joined them to perform a medley of Queen hits (as you can see in the video below – thanks to reader Ciaran Rankin for pointing us in the direction of that) to mark the band being honoured with MTV’s Global Icon Award.

We had heard some fairly solid rumours about Queen being booked for Sonisphere back before Christmas, and the addition of Adam Lambert earlier this week (and yes, that was the source of THAT tweet) was enough to convince us that it was almost certainly legit. The booking of Faith No More…well, we can’t say we’d heard any solid rumours on that score until today, but given that we’ve heard corroborating rumours for the Daily Star’s Queen news, we’re inclined to believe them on that score too. Other names that we’ve heard being thrown around previously by credible sources included Guns N’ Roses and Tool, but to be honest, the rumours on those two were always significantly less credible than those regarding Queen.

Watch Queen perform with Adam Lambert on vocals at the MTV EMAs 2011:

How is the metal world going to take the news about Adam Lambert and Queen? We’re predicting “by throwing a massive childish shitfit”. The metal community – despite it’s internal protestations of being welcoming and accepting of others – tends to get more than a little aggro when confronted by artists and musicians outside of the  rock’n’metal sphere. Tickets for Sonisphere UK are not yet on sale, but the event is scheduled for 06-08 July 2012, and will once again be taking place at Knebworth Park – coincidentally, the same place where Queen played their final show with Freddie Mercury in 1986. If this ends up being the only worldwide show for Queen (and we’ve heard that rumour too), then tickets for that night at Sonisphere will be gone before we’ve had the time to type up a blog post announcing they’re on sale.


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