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February 29th, 2012

Video: ‘Analysis Paralyis’ by Napalm Death – awesome track, cheapskate video.

Napalm Death at Bloodstock by Gary Wolstenholme Thrash Hits

We’ve already gone on record stating how much we love Napalm Death‘s new album, Utilitarian. It’s pretty much the perfect rebuttal for anyone who claims that latter day Napalm Death isn’t as good as early Napalm Death. It’s a fearsome record, and Barney Greenway’s lyrics are perhaps among the sharpest and most eloquent the band have had in years.

Why they had to make such a cheapo-looking video for ‘Analysis Paralysis’, the first single to be taken from it though….

Don’t get us wrong – we know times are tight, and music video budgets ain’t what they used to be. And we know not every video can (or indeed should) look like it was made by Spike Jonze. But even we balked a little at the cheap green-screening/chroma-keying going on in this promo for ‘Analysis Paralysis’. We know Napalm Death have a no-nonsense-no-bullshit attitude, but…c’mon guys!

Luckily, the song is far, far, FAR better than the video implies, and we’re more than happy to listen to it over and over again. Just…err…without having to watch the video while we do it. Napalm Death themselves are just getting ready to start their beyond-bloody-extensive touring in support of their new album, which all kicks off in the Netherlands this weekend. Later next month they’re hitting Eastern Europe and even Nepal later in March, coming back to terrorise various countries and festivals all over the globe in the months after that. We weren’t exaggerating when we said the guys had a beyond-bloody-extensive tour schedule.

Napalm Death 2012 tour dates
02 Tilburg Neurotic Deathfest
03 Aachen Musikbunker
04 Paris Maroquinerie
17 Kathmandu Metal Mayhem
19 Jablonec Eurocentrum
20 Cheb KC Svoboda
21 Pardubice Zluty Pes
22 Ostrava Garaz
23 Slavonice Sokolova
24 Trencin Piano Klub
25 Kosice Colloseum
26 Budapest TBA
27 Cluj-Napoea Flying Circus Pup
29 Pfarrkirchen Bugaloo
30 Antwerp Trix
04 Blois Chatodo
05 Castres Bolegason
06 Rambouillet Usine a Chapeaux
07 St Brieuc Citrouille
20 Aiglemont Rock Sur El’ Mont Festival
21 Montbeliard Impetus Fest
22 Pforzheim Haus der Jugend
27 Lausanne Les Docks
28 Bari Demode’ Club
29 Livorno The Cage Teather
05 Lissabon Jurassic Club Fest 2012
11 Magdeburg Factory
12 Essen Zeche Carl
13 Neukirchen Sägewerk
24-27 Baltimore Maryland Deathfest
01 Barcelona Primavera Sound
15 Clisson Hellfest
14 Neukirchen-Vluyn Dong
27 Bertingen Rock unter den Eichen Open Air
02-04 Wacken Open Air
06 Tolmin Metalcamp



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