Thrash Hits

February 3rd, 2012

Video: Nick Schendzielos from Cephalic Carnage/Job For A Cowboy shows off his funk-jam skills.

Nick Schendzielos Job For A Cowboy Cephalic Carnage Thrash Hits

It’s Friday night, and you’ve got to ask yourself one question – why wouldn’t you want to watch a video of Job For A Cowboy and Cephalic Carnage’s bass player, Nick Schendzielos, pretending to be in a jungle and knocking out some solo funk jams on his bass?

You’re at home on a Friday night. What else you gonna do?

Watch Nick Schendzielos from Cephalic Carnage/Job For A Cowboy behave…strangely:

No, we’re not quite sure what all that business with the chicken sandwich is about either. Schendzielos has some other…err…”interesting” videos over on his YouTube channel, and if his antics suitably impress you, you can even arrange some bass lessons with him when he’s not on tour by dropping him an email. Hell, we were suitably impressed by his mucking about to talk about it here on his blog, so the part of his plan to publicise his new venture of his is already working.



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