Thrash Hits

February 12th, 2012

Video: Turbowolf’s promo for ‘Let’s Die’ FINALLY makes it online. It’s like Sir Clive Sinclair re-imagining The Terminator.

Turbowolf promo photo 2011 by Tom Bronowski Thrash Hits

It turned up on various music television last week, but today Turbowolf’s rather fine video to ‘Let’s Die’ finally appeared online for those of us too cheap to buy cable or satellite TV to enjoy. And – somewhat unsurprisingly – we think it’s pretty damn good.

Given that ‘Let’s Die’ is the apocalyptically-minded closing track to Turbowolf’s self-titled debut album, the video features all manner of dark machine-future tomfoolery, all through the ‘wolf boys’ entertainingly wonky retro-electro collective mind’s eye. It’s kind of like if Sir Clive Sinclair was charged with making The Terminator film series a reality.

Yeah, we know that all sounds a bit shut-up-Thrash-Hits-you’re-just-talking-bollocks-now, so how about you watch the video and see wat we’re talking about, okay?

SEE. TOLD YOU. Turbowolf’s excellent¬†5.5-marks-out-of-6 rated¬†debut album is out now via Hassle Records, and we heartily recommend you go and buy a copy ASAP, if you haven’t already.



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