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February 7th, 2012

Video: Watch Noisey’s mini-documentary – Steve Ignorant Plays Crass Songs For The Last Time Ever

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Another day, another YouTube channel demanding your attention, right? Well, no, in this case – Noisey, the Vice Magazine online-offshoot that’s entirely music-orientated – launched their own YouTube channel this week, and it’s already got a hell of a lot more going for it than a million other YouTube music channels where people endlessly interview rock stars about any old nonsense they thought up in the five minutes before they switched their camera on.

Given Vice/Noisey’s impressive production pedigree, it’s no surprise that the quality of videos is better than most. And while you might have to sift through a few M.I.A. videos every once in a while, Vice/Noisey’s nothing-is-out-of-bounds attitude towards subject matter will occasionally throw up some absolutely choice Thrash Hits-friendly material. For example, one of the launch videos is a mini-documentary about Steve Ignorant’s Last Supper – i.e., his sold-out show at the Shepherds Bush Empire last November, which the Crass frontman had decreed would be the final time ever that he’d perform songs by the band on stage.

Watch Noisey Specials #3 – Steve Ignorant Plays Crass Songs For The Last Time Ever:

We’re also going to be keeping an eye on Noisey’s YouTube Channel for their weekly Noisey Talks show – if only because among the panel featured in the trailer for the show is the impressively-bearded John Doran, editor of our one-time bigger-brother, The Quietus (who you should bookmark immediately, if you haven’t done so already). If that isn’t enough to convince you that you should pay attention to what he has to say, go check out Menk, the column he’s been writing for Vice magazine for the last couple of months too.

We also kinda wish we’d come up with the relentlessly shit-shirring concept behind of their forthcoming Bandmate series too. I guess Thrash Hits is gonna have to up our game when it comes to making the most needlessly dickish videos on the web, right?



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