Thrash Hits

February 17th, 2012

Video: Will Haven’s new promo, ‘When The Walls Close In’, just came out, and it’s bloody as hell

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It’s probably a good thing that the new Will Haven album came out on a Friday night. While technically it’s isn’t NSFW, if you watch it over the weekend, you’ll be able to dodge having to explain to your co-workers (and more importantly, your boss) why you’re watching a video of blood-smeared men stalking and being stalked by animal-masked strangers in a forest.

You’ll also avoid having that exasperating conversation where you have to explain to non-metal fans as to why Will Haven kick so much arse. Unless of course you happen to work at Thrash Hits or somewhere like that. Here such opinions are to be expected, after all.

The track is taken from Will Haven’s superb fifth studio album, Voir Dire, which not only received a more-than-exception 5.5 out of 6 rating when we reviewed it here at Thrash Hits, but also claimed the no.6 spot in our Top 20 Albums of 2011 list. That’s pretty damn special. When they return to the UK in August to play Hevy Fest 2012, we know they’re going to be equally damn special



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