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February 2nd, 2012

What does everyone think of ‘Old Mystics’ – the new single from Rolo Tomassi?

Rolo Tomassi promo photo 2012 Thrash Hits

Yesterday, Rolo Tomassi treated us to the first taste of their as-yet-untitled upcoming third studio album, in the form of new single, ‘Old Mystics’. It’s the first new music we’ve heard from the band (as opposed to the previously unreleased demos and the like on Eternal Youth) in nearly two years, so we were pretty damned excited to hear it.

First of all, go and listen to the song over on Rolo Tomassi’s official Facebook page. At the moment it’s the only legit way you can listen to it online (short of ordering the band’s new 7″, which we strongly suggest you do). Done that? Good. Let’s talk about it now, shall we?

In many ways, ‘Old Mystics’ is the most “straightforward” Rolo Tomassi track – at least as far as opening singles go – to date. The spazzcore/math aspects of the band’s sound are there, but are much more subdued when you compare it to ‘I Love Turbulence’  or ‘Party Wounds’. It also features a more prominent interplay of vocals between the band’s two vocalists (the brother/sister combo of James and Eva Spence) than we’re often used to. All in all, it’s an intriguing introduction to an album we’re hoping lives up to the extrememly high bar set by Tomassi’s previous two studio efforts – both of which were among our favourite albums of their respective years of release.

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‘Old Mystics’ s also the first song to be released featuring with the band’s two new members (as eagle-eyed readers will have no doubt spotted in the photo above). Chris Cayford (formerly of No Coast) and Nathan Fairweather (formerly of Brontide) have joined the band on guitar and bass respectively, replacing departing members Joe Nicolson and Joseph Thorpe.

Rolo Tomassi Old Mystics cover artwork packshot 400px Thrash Hits

If you do go and order Rolo Tomassi’s new 7″, you’ll also get to hear more new music in the form of the exclusive b-side, ‘Mesmerizer’. And no, we’re not going to describe what that track sounds like here. We’re big fans of Rolo Tomassi here at Thrash Hits, and if you want to hear that particular slice of awesome, you’ll have to shell out £3.50 for a 7″ like all the rest of us.



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