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March 2nd, 2012

Album: Azaghal – Nemesis

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Moribund Records
31 January 2012

by Von

Who likes fairly standard, Northern European black metal? Yes? Good. You’ll like Azaghal’s Nemesis. It’s a box ticker. It’s got spiky, memorable riffs that almost push into melodic territory, harsh as fuck vocals, blasting, if not hyperspeed, drumming and that familiar sense of evil that all BM albums need. Anything else? No, not really. But do you, black metal fan, need anything else?

Azaghal Nemesis album cover artwork packshot 400px Thrash Hits

From album opener, ‘In Deathlike Silence’, you get a sense that everything fits together really well. It’s not drums bolted to guitars and vocals brought in as an afterthought – it all connects. This is a strength and a weakness – when it’s all killer – it’s all killer. but when it’s filler – it’s nothing but. The title track shows Azagahal at their best – icy blasts, speedy, razor riffs and triumphant passages blend well with atmospheric acoustic sections – it’s a masterclass in all Black Metal can be. On the other hand, ‘The Baying Of The Dead’ sounds like ‘Enter Sandman‘ in corpsepaint.

Listen to ‘Hail The Whore’ by Azaghal:

Special credit to ‘The Pit Of Shoggoths’ for having the best song title I’ve seen all year, and writing a true black metal track that you can pogo to. It may be from the pits of hell, but, damn, that’s bouncy. Oh, and bonus points go to the album artwork too – the plant/goat/Satan/death thing on the cover looks awesome.


Sounds Like: Dissection, Ghenna
Standout Tracks: The Pit Of Shoggoths, Nemesis, Ex Nihilo



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