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March 1st, 2012

Bad Band Photos 008: Matt Skiba (And The Sekrets)

Matt Skiba is one of our heroes. The frontman of Alkaline Trio (one of our Bands of the Decade) has started a new project with the AFI bassist, Hunter Burgan and the My Chemical Romance touring drummer, Jarrod Alexander. Maybe it’s just something about feather headdresses but…

Matt Skiba
From: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Actually from: Somewhere with loads of peace pipes to smoke ‘stuff’, obviously
Age: 36… it’s a tough age, fashion-wise
LOL factor: 6/6 – he didn’t even inflict it on the other Sekrets
URL: Facebook // Twitter


Dunno what it is about bands but they seem to go a bit loopy when stuck in front of a camera. It seems that they go loopy in aviaries as well, judging by the amount of feathers that end up all over them. It happened to Kids In Glass Houses last year and now it’s happened to punk rock hero, Matt Skiba. Mate, what were you even thinking?

Feathers? CHECK.
Bones? CHECK.
Native American facepaint? CHECK.
A glassy look of indifference covering up shame and sorrow? CHECK.

Oh well, you’ve done it now. We still love you, though.

matt skiba and the sekrets alkaline trio headdress feathers native american thrash hits

Anyway… Matt Skiba and the Sekrets signed to Superball Records in January and have now announced that their debut record will be titled Babylon and will be released on 08 May 2012. That’s a Tuesday, so it’ll probably be the day before in the UK – 07 May 2012, if you were struggling. It’s described as sounding like “Alkaline Trio’s trademark sound combined with 80s post punk elements.” Cool.

Matt Skiba And The Sekrets – Babylon tracklisting
All Fall Down
Luciferian Blues
Haven’t You?
The End Of Joy
Falling Like Rain
How The Hell Did We Get Here?
Angel Of Deaf


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