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March 1st, 2012

Bastions’ FIRST EVER European tour kicks off tonight. Don’t say we didn’t warn you….

Bastions 2011 promo photo 2 Thrash Hits

Remember Bastions? That band that we’ve told you about many, many times before, the band who we’ve urged you again and again to make the effort to go and see play live, ASA-‘effing-P? Well tonight they’re kicking off their first ever European tour. No longer are we urging just our British readers to get off their arses to go check out one of the best new British bands in years. Oh no. Now we’re urging the whole of bloody Europe to do so.

Never ones to make things easy on themselves though, Bastions’ tour both kicks off and ends in Sweden, taking Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary along the way. Also along for the ride are No Omega, who the more observant of you will recognise as another alumni of the prestigious Thrash Hits Future Hits Column’s Hall Of Fame. Okay, so that’s not really an actual real thing, but you get the message – as far as Thrash Hits is concerned, you can consider both of these bands BACKED HARD.

Bastions No Omega European Tour 2012 Thrash Hits

If like us though, you can’t read those dates without cracking out a magnifying glass, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve painstakingly typed them all out for you. Short of busting down to your house, booting in your front door, and frog-marching you down to the venue, we don’t know what more we could do to convince you not to miss this tour.

Bastions / No Omega March 2012 European tour dates
01 Stockholm Kafee 44
02 Göteborg Fänglest
03 Solingen Waldmeister
04 Hengelo Innocent
05 Bristol Croft
06 Southampton Unit Club
07 Liverpool Basement 20th
08 Edinburgh The Banshee Labyrinth
09 Cardiff Undertone
10 London Highbury Buffalo Bar
12 Nancy Le Caveaudu Grand Savoy
13 Besancon Les Passagers du Zinc
14 München Sunny Red
15 Stuttgart Juha West
16 Trier Ex Haus
17 Merksplas.03.12 –Jh Zig Zag
18 Hamburg Hafenklang
19 Jena Kassablancka
20 Wien Venster
21 Zagreb Attack!
22 Novi Sad CK13
23 Larissa Stage Club
24 Athens Six d.o.g.s
25 Sofia Grindhouse
26 Budapest Trafik Club
27 Graz Sub
28 Berlin K19 Cafe
29 Kiel Schaubude
30 Lund Hemgarden
31 Örebro Kulturhuset

Tickets are available from all the usual places. If we were a normal website, we’d infest your browser with ticket links and stuff like that here now, but to be honest, if you can’t figure out how to buy tickets for shows at your local venue by this stage, well, we’re not sure there’s much hope of you making it down to these shows anyway.



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