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March 27th, 2012

Celebrity Metaller Alert: Arsenal FC footballer, Tomáš Rosický

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In a recent interview with Tomáš Rosický, he says: “I’m not just a metalhead. I like rock too.” He’s definitely not a death metaller though. Let’s get that straight.

Plenty of Arsenal-supporting metallers have been searching for confirmation that Arsenal’s Czech #7, Tomáš Rosický is a metalhead and here’s everything that we’ve been able to dredge up from out of the information abyss that is the internet.

When the footballer took his guitar and joined Czech punk band, Tři Sestry onstage at the Czech Footballer of the Year Awards in March 2010, we wondered, “Could Tomáš Rosický be… a mosher?”.

rosicky guitar arsenal tri sestry 2010 thrash hits

Six months later in Autumn 2010, he said the following, piquing our interest further:

“I started [to play guitar] three-four years ago – I just wanted to try it. It’s great fun – my way to relax but no, I’m not really that good. I’m not just a metal fan, I love guitars and that’s why I started to learn and play it.I tried [to put metal music in the dressing room] but no chance, I wasn’t successful, all others are in R&B and dance stuff.”

He also said that his favourite gig was Metallica at London O2 Arena. He said it was “quite good”. Yeah, Tomáš. You’re “quite good” as well.

But then the midfield maestro confirmed it by creating a downloadable playlist for homeless charity, Centrepoint – Arsenal’s charity of choice – which indicated that he definitely was a metaller. Pantera, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, Black Sabbath. Nice.

rosicky centrepoint heavy metal playlist arsenal 2011 thrash hits

It’s a shame he doesn’t get to play West Ham United-supporting Iron Maiden in the dressing room.



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