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March 21st, 2012

EP: Let’s Talk Daggers – Winter

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Lets Talk Daggers
Tangled Talk
12 March 2012

by Tom Doyle

Who are the most underrated band in the UK? It’s a hard question isn’t it and one to which everyone will have their own answers (hell, why not send us your suggestions, one of you might even be right). Well, with their new EP, Winter, Eastbourne power trio Let’s Talk Daggers are throwing their hat into the ring for the crown of “best band you should’ve heard but ain’t”. This is, after all, a sparky, chaotic and genuinely diverse little record which takes the tired cliché ‘we try and take aspects from all our influences’ and actually, y’know, does it.

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Opener ‘Bear of Bad News’ slams proceedings into gear with Blood Brothers-esque freneticism all spidering riffs and yelping vocals but it is the little electronic flourishes and xylophonic touches that signpost an intriguing listen to come. And so it continues, for every moment of spastic dissonance there are snippets of genuine melody and for every section that sounds like sadly defunct Blakfish there is a riff like the one that closes ‘Have a Gabble’ which puts you in mind of bearded pop-punk-with-breakdowns mob Four Year Strong (seriously). Hummanequin has elements of Frank Carter circa Orchestra of Wolves in it’s vocal but variously mixes in quick fire hi-hat offbeats and a solo which if you forgot what you has heard for the previous three minutes could be being played by Brian May.

This mish-mash approach won’t please everyone and it does mean that on occasion this four tracker can feel a bit over-extended as it tries to cram everything in, but it is put together which such charm and style that you can forgive LTD a great deal because of the sheer exuberance that permeates every corner of Winter. If nothing else it is an EP that should serve as an example to young bands of how you can make compelling, interesting music by not only paying lip service to bands outside of your immediate sphere of influence but by genuinely listening to and assimilating their sounds into your own.

Watch the video to ‘Bear Of Bad News’ by Let’s Talk Daggers:

In short this is a super record by a band who find themselves criminally underrated and under appreciated, perhaps in part because they are so very difficult to pigeon-hole. Yet if you like your music tumultuous, off kilter and frankly a little bit mad, then this could very well be right up your street.


Sounds Like: Everything and nothing at all.
Standout Tracks: Bear of Bad News, Have a Gabble.



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